About The Peoples Jeweler

Hi, I'm Peter- A.K.A The Peoples Jeweler.  My full-time job is manufacturing fine jewelry for the wholesale jewelry trade.  After 20 years of making jewelry for my friends and family, I have decided to sell some of my designs direct.  The jewelry I am offering for sale here is offered directly to the consumer at considerable discounts. 

Basically you are eliminating the middle man.  SHHHHHH!!!!!!  By offering direct, I hope you can get a little more out of your money!    I am very experienced in custom fabrication of jewelry as well, if you would like to discuss a special project, I would be happy to offer a free consultation and even supply a bid to build your project!.  As I said, this is my day job, so overseeing production and manufacturing of your custom designs is a concierge service that I would love to assist you with.  One email to me, can save you literally thousands of dollars.  Serious Inquiries may fill out the custom questionnaire form linked here.